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Thai Massage is a perfect fusion of yoga and massage, it combines acupressure, assisted stretching and gentle twists.
Each massage is a unique experience.
Choose from our wide offer of services the massage or treatment that suits you best.…
Or… try somehting new you’ve never experienced before!


Traditional style

Traditional Thai

Is a combination of massage and yoga stretching that goes back thousands of years.

Thai & Herbal compress balls

To the Traditional Thai Massage, we add some linen pouches filled with aromatic plants.

Thai Foot Reflexology

Foot relaxation and work on reflex zones in order to balance the body.

Massage with oil

Warm oils

Scented warm oils and effleurage strokes drive you to a state of deep relax.

Fusion of Thai & Oils

Pressure and stretching are combined in a harmonious way whilst applying warm aromatic oils.

Oils & Herbal Compress Balls

Complete Luxury! The perfect fusion to achieve maximum relaxation, both physical and mental.

Specific treatments

Chi Nei Tsang
(Abdominal massage)

We work on the energy of the internal organs by unblocking the reflex areas at abdominal level.

Feet, Neck & Head

This anti-stress treatment aims to relax your feet, shoulders and neck, and finishes moving gently the head and a soft massage in the face.

Oriental Reducer

Two techniques are merged: the classical Thai one for energy unblocking with the application of Chinese suckers and essential oils.

Ours packs

Pack Bangkok

Traditional Thai + Foot Reflexology

Pack Kho Tao

Traditional Thai + Warm Oils

Pack Pai

Traditional Thai + Chi Nei Tsang

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